recessed combination of papertowel- and soapdispenser and waste bin
stainless steel, approx. 400 sheets, 0.5L and 26L capacity

Concealed paper towel-, soap dispenser and waste bin combination. ZERO. Concealed element with internal lockable paper towel dispenser and waste bin with approx. 26 l capacity. The dispenser box is locked in the upper position with a key. By means of extremely robust guide rails the dispenser can be lowered into the refill position. Capacity approx. 400 paper towels and 0.5 litre soap or desinfection fluid. Fitting to the stud system is made using aluminium fitting rails attached to the concealed element. Fitting is made for conventional drywall with 10 cm stud construction. Manufactured from 1.2 mm gauge stainless steel. Suitable for paper towels with a length of approx. 215-250mm and a folded width of approx. 80-95 mm

Produktbild ZE-202-PU
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  • Produktbild ZE-202-PU
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Maßzeichnung ZE-202-PU
Article numberZE-202-PU
Product familyUnterputzlösungen
Product groupUnterputzlösungen
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