STUDIO BEZDEKA, a young Viennese industrial design office, received the commission to design the ONE line.

The objective was clearly laid out. The approach was left open. PROOX challenged the team to create a timeless, unembellished design that subsumed itself into the architecture yet underscored the high-quality of the public sanitary spaces. That includes closing mechanisms and fittings hidden from view and a surface kept as neutral as possible.

STUDIO BEZDEKA accepted the challenge, and used as its key visual a perforated pattern that is as optically attractive as it is functional, serving as a fill level indicator for paper towel and soap dispensers. For some products, this appears as optically attractive functionality; for others it comes across as purely visual nuances that resonate and tie together the entire line.

PROOX sees many more projects ahead for its industrial design team. The ONE line and its “pure”, “dark passion” and “signature” design variants are just the beginning of a forward-looking, refined sanitary facilities culture.