Our disinfection pedestals are available in stainless steel, white and black. 4 different disinfection dispensers and 2 different drip trays are selectable.


The sudden absence of many things that we earlier took for granted has confronted many business owners with completely new challenges. This is of course due to the drastic impact of the Covid19 pandemic. For example, companies basing their activities on physical customer contact must now take a number of extraordinary health precautions in order to be able to resume their business activities.

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Standard solutions or even provisional measures, however, go against the spirit of any business activity in which quality and perceived value are part of the operational "DNA". Those operating in these sectors are more and more frequently asking themselves how they can implement measures in a way that chimes with their brand, for example for the disinfection of hands. It is essential here to maintain the company's demanding quality profile even under these complicated new circumstances.

This is especially true for one of the most important brand contact points, the entrance area!

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Our new product, the PROOX disinfection column, is ideally suited for use in business premises with public access. It takes our design line forward and, with its restrained language of form, conforms to the idea of timeless design. So you can reflect the quality standards of your company even in these challenging times and give your customers a feeling of well-considered attentiveness.

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